Bohemian District

Free Walking Tour​

Barranco used to be the resort town of Lima and nowadays has become the most bohemian neighborhood of the city. Discover with us the traditional streets of Barranco, the place where many writers, musicians, and artists of different disciplines got inspired. The street art, the bridge of sighs, the most amazing sunset along the cliffs and other beautiful highlights are waiting for you in Barranco.

Where is Barranco?

Barranco is located in the south of Lima. 15 min by bus from Miraflores or 30 min by bus from the downtown.

Is the Free Walking Tour Barranco everyday?

The tours go from Monday to Saturday, all year long. Except for public holidays like July 28 (Independence Day), December 25 and January 01.

Is it completely free?

Our tour is based on tips.
Our guides are young people with a lot of passion for the city, they do their best to make you live a great experience in Barranco. At the end of the tour you are able to pay what you think it worth for the service that you received.

What else do you need?

  • Comfortable shoes.
  • Bottles of water.
  • Sunscreen and hats.
  • A beautiful smile.

Meeting Points for the Free Walking Tour Barranco

How and where can you join us? We have different meeting points for ONE ONLY TOUR in Barranco. In every meeting point you will recognise our tour guides, because we are always wearing a light blue vest with the map of Peru at the back.

1. In Miraflores

Meet us in Av. Ernesto Diez Canseco 315 in Miraflores (out of the Bike Rental Store) at 3:30 p.m. Then we take the public buses (Rate 1 sol) to go from Miraflores to Barranco.

2. In Lima Downtown

We are meeting at The Main Square of Lima, exactly at the entrance of PASAJE OLAYA at 3:15pm. Then we take the public buses (Rate 2.50 soles) to go from The Downtown to Barranco.

3. In Barranco

If you could not join us in Downtown or Miraflores, you can join us directly in Barranco. We are at Parque Municipal de Barranco (In front of the pink Library) at 4:10 p.m. The tour starts at this point and lasts until 6:00pm.