Join us every morning in our Free Walking Tour to discover Lima Downtown, a neighbourhood full of history, tradition and the best food in South America.

Lima has been experiencing plenty of changes in the past years and it is ready to satisfy the traveler’s appetite. The capital city of Peru turned also into the gastronomical capital of South America so enjoy all the variety of food you can find around. The architecture of Lima downtown is unique with all the large colonial-style buildings, Let you be transported to the past, when this city was Spain’s capital of South America, with all the moorish balconies around. Take many selfies at the Main Square (Plaza de Armas) or watch the Changing of Guards at The Government Palace. A bit thirsty after a long walk? maybe its time for a pisco sour or a cusqueña beer. Just join us in our Free Tour around Lima Downtown and enjoy!

Where does this Free Tour take place?

Takes place in Lima Downtownthe historic neighborhood of Lima. 30 min by bus from Miraflores or 40 min by bus from The Artistic Barranco.

Is the Free Walking Tour in Lima Downtown everyday?

The free tour goes from Monday to Saturday, except for public holidays like July 28th (Peru’s Independence Day), December 25th and January 1st. Besides, due to Covid-19 restrictions booking in advance is required.

Is booking in advance required?

Yes. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, only a specific number of people is allowed in the group. If you don’t book in advance, you will not be able to join the tour.

Is it completely free?

Our Free Walking Tour in Lima Downtown is based on tips.

Our Tour guides are young people with a lot of passion for the city and they do their best to make you live a great experience in Lima Downtown. At the end of the tour you are able to pay what you think it worths for the service that you received.

What do you need to join the Free Tour?

    • Book in advance (online, social medias, whatsapp, etc.)
    • Comfortable Shoes
    • Bottles of water.
    • Sunscreen and hats.
    • A beautiful smile.

Meeting point for the Free Walking Tour in Lima Downtown

The meeting point for Lima Downtown tour is next to Hotel Bolivar (Jirón de la Unión 986) in Plaza San Martin. Once there, you will always recognize our tour guides wearing a light blue vest with the map of Peru at the back. The Free Walking Tour Lima Downtown starts here at 11:00 a.m. and it lasts until 1 p.m.