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As everybody knows, in the world exists many countries, some of them share similar things eachother like the food, ethnicity and language. However, when you hear speaking a Peruvian, a Colombian, an Argentinian or a Bolivian, you will notice that despite they speak Spanish, it is a different Spanish. Due to the different cultural influences, situations of life or creativity of these different countries we use different local words, some of them really weird but useful anyway.

That is why we have brought you this short list of different slangs used in Peru, so you can finally discover who has been insulting you the last few days and striking back. 


A – E

ACHORADO (A): Person who reacts violently to any situation.  
AL TOQUE: Quick. Fast.
ASADO (A): Angry.
BACÁN: Fun, nice.
BAMBA: A fake object. It could refer to money or clothes made in Gamarra.
BRODER: From the English word “brother”, is a casual way to say “friend”. 
CALATO (A): Naked.
CAUSA: A close friend.
CHAMBA: Job. / Someone who likes to work.
CHANCHA: A collection of money made by a group of friends in order to purchase something together. 
CHARAPA: It is a kind of turtle that comes from the Peruvian Rainforest. This word is used to refer to people who come from the same region.
CHATO (A): A short person.
CHELA: Beer.
CHEVERE: Fun, nice.
CHIBOLO (A): A young person.
CHICHA: Any drink made of corn.
CHIHUÁN: Having no or few money. You can use the phrase: “Estar/estoy chihuán”
CHOCHE: Friend. /Also used as “chochera” or “chocherita”
CHORO (A): Thief.
CHURRO (A): A handsome person.
CONCHUDO: Scoundrel, shameless. 

F – Z

FLACO (A): Literally “skinny”. It also means “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”. 
FALLO: Cigarette.
FERCHO: Driver.
FINTOSO (A): A person who reacts in a exaggerated way to any situation in order to draw attention.
FLOREAR: Telling lies in order to obtain something in exchange.
GIL: Dumbass. / Boyfriend.
GRINGO (A): A person with blond hair. 
HUACHIMÁN: It comes from the English word: “watchman”. 
HUASCA: A drunk person.
JATO: House. / Fallen asleep.
LECHERO (A): A lucky person.
LENTEJA: A dumb person. / A slow car or movility.
LUCA: Money. One “luca” equals one s/ 1 (One Peruvian sol). 
MISIO (A): Having no or few money. You can use the phrase: “Estar/estoy misio”
MONSE: Dumb or boring. It can refer to a person, situation or place. 
PAJA: Something good, amazing or fun. You can use the phrase: “Qué paja” 
PALTA: Synonyme of shame. You can use the phrase: “Qué palta”
PATA: A very close friend.
PICHANGA: A friendly football match. 
PIÑA: Person with bad luck. Unlucky. 
ROCHE: An unconfortable or shameful situation. 
TAIPÁ: A well served dish of food. 
TOMBO: Police officer. 
TONEAR: Go partying.
TONO: Party
YAPA: Objeto adicional de cortesía que se obtiene por la compra de algo.  A costless object you can obtain as a courtesy after you purchase something.