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Talking about Peru has always been synonyme of many things like Machu Picchu, Incas, kind people and in the last few years… its gastronomy. 

The boom of the cuisine in Peru has been, currently, amazing. Many years ago, eating peruvian food people had to take a plane for many hours in order to arrive to this beautiful country and eat as much as you can in the local restaurants, but since some years ago peruvian restaurants are everywhere, carrying that delicious variety of typical dishes to different parts of the planet. 

However, as many people say: “It is NOT as good as in Peru”. And they are right. Eating in Peru is a unique experience. Many factors are responsible: The diversity of our ingredients, the freshness of them and overall, the love we cook our dishes. That is why the first thing you should do when you arrive to this country is EATING! and here we bring you some options in Lima, totally recommended by our highly qualified team of food researchers.


Ceviche is our most important typical dish in Peru. Its slightly touch of fresh fish and lime juice makes it a wonderful summer dish, and its spiciness could change a cold afternoon into a really warm one.

In Lima exists an endless quantity of sea food restaurants – traditionally called Cevicherías – and here we recommend you a couple of them.


In the market itself, you can find many spots with fruits, vegetables, meat and more to cook your own meal, besides that you can also find one of the best places to eat ceviche in Lima.

In the Stand N° 191, it is El Cevichano, a small place where you can find sea food in many ways to eat, including ceviche. 

Location: Av. Paseo de la República, block #53. (Four Blocks away from the Kennedy Park – Miraflores)

Recommendation: Try the dish called “Trío marino” It is amazing!

                                  Procure being there before 2:00 p.m. The stand closes early.

How much?: Dishes are abundant and the average price is USD 10 (US Dollars).


Located in the main part of Miraflores, it is one of the few “cevicherias” opened until midnight everyday (except of sundays). Their list is full of sea food and different kinds of ceviches.

Location: Calle San Martín # 595 – Miraflores

How much?: Average per dish USD 15 ( US Dollars)


The mixture of cultures that arrive to Lima is reflected in the food. Passing through the spanish influences towards the asian characteristics of our dishes, the diversity of our gastronomy is endless. And from this diversity emerges the claimed criolla food, being some of their biggest representatives: la Causa limeña, los anticuchos, el lomo saltado, etc., that where born in different times and flavors, but with the same heart.


Originally created by our most honored chef in the world Gastón Acurio, Panchita is a full expression of the traditional criolla food. Dishes like “aji de gallina” or “causa limeña” are artistic expressions of the limean cuisine. 

Location: Calle 2 de mayo # 298 – Miraflores

How much?: Average per dish: USD 15 (US Dollars)


Into the bohemian neighborhood of Lima we can find some timeless restaurants, where the flavors from aforetime remain and the peruvian culture is in everydish. Canta Rana is one of this places, with a long list of criolla and sea food dishes, you could not wait in order to come back. 

Location: Calle Genova # 101 – Barranco

How much?: Average per dish: USD 13 (US Dollars)


Eating some fast food is always a valid choice, and here in Peru, fast could mean also good.


With a big selection of different handmade-sandwichs and natural fruit juices, la Lucha has become a must-to-eat in Lima. 

Location: Calle Diagonal # 308 – Miraflores

                  Jorge Chavez International Airport – Callao

How much?: Average per sandwich USD 4 (US Dollars)


Sandwich place that opened its first restaurant in 1960, its franchise has kept the original recipe of all their sandwiches makes it a mandatory spot specially for breakfast time. Currently, it counts with with different restaurants located in many parts of Lima.

Ubicación: Calle Grimaldo del Solar #113 – Miraflores

                   Jirón Carabaya – Main Square of Lima 

How much?: Price per sandwich USD 4 (US Dollars)