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Where to eat in Lima? We made this updated guide with the Best Restaurants in Lima. Restaurants in Miraflores and Barranco to enjoy Peruvian Food without booking long time in Advance.

best restaurants in lima peru

The Best Restaurant in Quality-Price relation:
Restaurante Javier

Website | Address: Bajada de Baños 408, Barranco

Located just few blocks from the Main Park of Barranco, the restaurant offers the most traditional dishes of Peru like ceviche, lomo saltado, ají de gallina; besides a large variety of beers and pisco-based drinks.

Also from the Terrace you have an amazing view to the Pacific Ocean. With no doubts, the Best Price – Quality relation a restaurant can offer.

The Best Peruvian Creole Food Restaurants

What is Peruvian Creole Food or ‘Comida Criolla’?

‘Criollo’ was a term used to refer to something with Spanish origin, but born in the Americas. So Peruvian Creole food is the result of indigenous, European and African influences during the colonial period (16th-19th century).

best peruvian creole food restaurants


Website | Address: Calle 2 de mayo 298, Miraflores

From Gastón Acurio, one of the most awarded chefs of the Peruvian Food. Just few blocks from Kennedy Park in Miraflores, Panchita is one of the favorite restaurants for locals and tourists. The restaurant offers you traditional dishes like anticuchos (Peruvian grilled beef heart), tacu tacu (rice mixed with cooked seasoned beans) and desserts such as picarones (Peruvian donuts).


Website | Address: Av. San Martín 101, Barranco

Restaurant located in the artistic Barranco, Isolina has an early 20th-century tavern style and a special place in our Guide: ranks position 24th in Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants by The Restaurant magazine.

Within the great variety that Isolina’s menu offers, we recommend you to try: Aji de Gallina and the Lomo Saltado.

The Best Peruvian Seafood or Ceviche Restaurants

best peruvian ceviche restaurant

Punto Azul

Website | Address: Calle San Martín 595, Miraflores

Located in Miraflores, This restaurant breaks the idea of having ceviche only in the daytime. Besides the lunch schedule, they also open for dinner time (7pm to 11pm)

If you want to try more options than the classic ceviche, we recommend you to try the Peruvian Causa, a kind of mashed potato cake filled with shrimps, tuna, octopus, among other delicacies of the sea.

Canta Rana

Instagram | Address: Génova 101, Barranco

Located in Barranco. Besides the classic Ceviche, another ‘Must Try dish’ for you is Arroz con Mariscos (Peruvian Version of Paella) and the options of Tiradito (fish in sashimi Style and very similar to Carpaccio)

The Best Nikkei Restaurants in Lima

What is Nikkei Cuisine?

The Japanese people who arrived to Peru brought a variety of cooking techniques and mixed them with traditional ingredients from Peru, that is how Nikkei cuisine was born.

best nikkei restaurants in lima


Instagram | Address: Francisco de Paula Camino 290, Miraflores

Located in the heart of Miraflores. Come everyday to enjoy the variety of sashimi, sushi and makis. A cozy and unique space to enjoy with some friends.


Website | Address: Av. Pardo y Aliaga 660, San Isidro

This restaurant opened more than 10 years ago in Lima and since then has a long career. Osaka also is the first Nikkei Peruvian Restaurant that began with the internationalization by opening restaurants in Buenos Aires, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Quito, Bogotá, Miami and in 2022 in London.

The Best Chifa Restaurants in Lima

What is Chifa?

The term chifa comes from the Chinese ‘chi’ and ‘fan’ which means ‘eat’ ‘rice’ and refers to Chinese people in Lima centre during the 30’s inviting the public to eat at their restaurants. Chifa is the Peruvian food that was influenced by Chinese onion, soy sauce, ginger root and other Chinese ingredients.

the best chifa restaurants

Chifa Amistad

Instagram | Address: Av. José Pardo 170, Miraflores

Only one step away from the Kennedy Park, it’s one of the favorite restaurants in Miraflores. Offers the option of enjoying the meal in the same lounge or you also have the option for delivery if you are in the area. A nice menu in English for foreigners is available too. We recommend you to try Lomo Saltado and Arroz chaufa with chicken.

Chifa (Chung Yion) Unión

Tripadvisor | Address: Av. Jirón Unión 126, Barranco

The favorite chifa of Barranco, has a tradition of almost 100 years in the same location and keeping the same design since they opened. The perfect place where Chinese ingredients are mixed with the Peruvian flavor. Dishes like lomo saltado, Pollo con Durazno (chicken with peach) and Chaufa de Mariscos (Fried rice with Seafood) are waiting for you.

Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants in Lima

Many of the restaurants included in the List of The Best restaurants in Lima offer vegetarian and vegan options.

However, if you are considering to find all the possible options, we recommend you to download Happy Cow app, an app completely for free and perfect for people looking for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free food.

We hope our 2022 updated list of The Best Restaurants makes the difference for you and enjoy the best food in Lima, Peru: the culinary Capital of Latin America.